How to Live a Better Story

Some stories aren’t worth finishing. You’re not that invested in the plot, you could care less about the characters, and it’s painfully obvious how it’s going to end anyway. If you’re like me, maybe you skip to the last few pages to make sure your predictions about the ending were actually right and toss the book aside.


I always breathe easier when that happens. 


Nothing drives me crazy like staying with a story I don’t like. Life is short and I don’t want to spend it inside of a story that doesn’t move me or speak to me in some way.


As the final pages of 2017 are being written, our attention begins to turn toward the new year and the hope found in a fresh start. For many of us, the story of our life has become stale or bitter. All the plot twists have knocked our feet out from under us and left us gasping for air. We need something to give and a better storyline to emerge.


God is not just a Master Storyteller, He’s brilliant at re-writing our tired stories.


Take Rahab, for instance. She was running a prostitution establishment but she put everything on the line, her life included, to hide a couple of spies. Because of her risk, an incredible door opened for her that changed the entire outcome of her story and legacy.


Or take a look at Gideon's story. He was minding his own business, just trying to stay alive, when God tapped on his shoulder and asked him to lead a revolution. It was the last thing he was expecting but he accepted the invitation and an unimaginable victory for his nation took place as a result.


Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s what God loves to do with our stories


But how do you find yourself living one of those stories? Is it like winning the lottery and you just wait for it to happen? Or is there something we can do to find ourselves part of an exciting adventure?


If there’s one thing that great stories have in common, it’s bold moves. 


Born of great faith, daring obedience, and courage in the face of fear; bold moves have the ability to take you out of your comfort zone and put you in line for a miracle. 


When Jesus walked the earth, it was the people who did whatever it took to cross His path who encountered the power inside of Him.


We invite you to join us at Sun City Church on Sunday mornings at 9:15 or 11:00 am and experience the Presence of God. This new year has the potential for being your best year yet when you let God re-write your story.