Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations is not a special call for super Christians, but a mandate for every believer. Each of us have abilities and skills that can be utilized to reach into other cultures. Once we discover how we fit in to the Great Commission and engage the global component of our own faith, we will effectively multiply the Church at the ends of the earth. Subscribe to keep up with our developing global strategy.



As the nations of the world settle in Spokane we want to intentionally welcome international neighbors into our lives. Opportunities to serve refugees, immigrants, and international students can be found and created on our Serve App.



All the resources to send the Gospel to the last unreached people groups are in our hands. We send prayer, finances, and encouragement to those who are directly taking the Good News about Jesus to the ends of the earth.



Modern transportation and a strong global economy have brought the whole world within two days of travel. We take regular international mission trips to personally share the love of Jesus with other cultures, starting with Uganda April 27-May 8, 2020.




Bold Ventures - Our global outreach is in partnership with Bold Ventures, an international mission agency that empowers leaders to multiply churches that form networks among the world’s most unreached.


Mannahouse - As a member of the Mannahouse Global Family, we participate through continued prayer for church planters and missionaries, a commitment to financial support, and by going in person to reach the nations.