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The Comeback

Life can throw a punch that knocks the wind right out of you.

Join us as we look at stories of people who came back from seemingly impossible situations by the grace of God.

The Comeback - Part 1 - Joseph's Comeback Story

In this message, Pastor Danny shares from the life of Joseph and how this young man overcame terrible setbacks and brought salvation to the known world.  This message is inspirational and will stir you to move forward in your own comeback story.  God bless!

The Comeback - Part 2 - Moses' Comeback Story

The Bible is full of stories of God using imperfect people to tell the story of his perfection. Listen in as Kyle shares Moses' comeback story from murderer to hero. God Bless!

The Comeback - Part 3 - Peter's Comeback

"If you've ever got off track with the plan of God for your life and felt like there was no way back, this message is for you. We're looking at the life of Peter and his comeback from a very public failure. Have a listen!