Rediscovering a Sense of Wonder

There’s a lot of talk about wonder around this time of the year. Everything feels a little more magical than usual and there's a growing festive mood that we often get swept into. People are making sugary treats, planning parties, and decorating their houses with lights. All of it makes for a wonderful time.


Unless, of course, the wonder only stays at surface level. 


It can easily become the equivalent of an emotional roller coaster- building and building until it eventually sends us crashing into 2018 with a new weight loss plan and the latest book for how to organize all of our clutter.


How do we discover wonder that lasts beyond the moment? That carries us when everything around us falls apart? That captivates every part of our being and draws us into a story bigger than ourselves?


Wonder is an evidence of being in relationship with God. Throughout the Bible, God continually performs wonders, is described as WONDERful, and creates a sense of wonder in those who recognize what He’s doing.


But so often, we don't recognize what God is doing. Our lives are full of distractions and keep us running from one thing to the next. With everything going on, we miss seeing what's really happening around us.


When is the last time you pressed pause and considered the gifts God has brought into your life?


A needed conversation with a friend that helped you look at a situation in a new light.


An invitation that opened the door for an opportunity you never imagined possible.


A shared moment with a loved one where you were fully present.


An answered prayer that came at exactly the right time.


Taking time to look for what God is doing, perhaps record it, but definitely thank Him for it, cultivates a sense of wonder inside of us that far outlasts the twinkling lights and presents under the tree.


If you're having a hard time discovering a sense of wonder this holiday season, we invite you to join us at 9:15 or 11:00 am on Sunday mornings. Slow down, spend time in worship, and experience the God of unsearchable wonders.