Can Love Actually Last?

Every time you hear about someone breaking up or going through a divorce, a little voice seems to whisper, “You’re next.” 

There’s no safety zone. No way to predict who will make it. Both rich and poor experience the heartache. Those with college degrees and those who earned their education in the workforce. The couple who married a little faster than anyone recommended and the one who’s weathered difficult storms through many seasons of life.

Almost everywhere you look, there are people disillusioned with love and giving up on anything that lasts.

As much as we all love the picture of the elderly couple holding hands in the park, oblivious to the world around them; it’s a rare find these days.

The reality of it doesn’t leave one feeling very hopeful for opening their heart and investing their time into something that’s more likely to leave them wrecked rather than fulfilled.

But does it really have to end that way?

Are we helplessly being swept away in a rush of emotions and circumstance without any ability to navigate the boat we’re in? Or are we more in control than we think?

The Bible indicates there is hope for navigating the challenges and obstacles to building a lifetime love. As a book all about relationships, it’s spilling over with revelation, principles, and insight into how to experience a love that extends beyond our short days on earth.

But it’s not enough to understand the steps to building something that will last.

A map is only helpful to the person who has both the vision and resources to use it.

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