Help, I'm Trapped in a Loveless Marriage!

There was a day when he took your breath away. He walked in the room and you quietly followed him with your eyes while attempting to stay engaged in the conversation you were in. The way he looked at you drew you in and made you feel like the only person in the world who mattered.

She drove you wild, consuming your thoughts and leaving you distracted at work. There was something about her that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, something magnetic and irresistible. You would do anything to make her eyes light up and smile at you with that happiness that made the world stop spinning.

But that was then.

Somewhere over the seasons of life and the fading years, you lost sight of that person.

You don’t want to give up.

No one wants to be the person who walks away if there’s still hope.

Only you don’t see it. If hope exists, it’s not making itself obvious.

What choice is there but to salvage what remains of your heart and sanity, call it quits, and hope that maybe you’ll be able to build something worthwhile with someone else?

Hit pause for just a moment.

Right where you’re at, regardless of your faith or convictions, breathe a prayer for help. Because you haven’t exhausted all your options until you’ve allowed God to meet you in the heartache and disappointment, take your hand, and lead you into a revelation of His design for relationships.

Your heart might be quickening at just the idea of it.

“Great! Just what I need…another list of ways I’ve fallen short and things I need to do.”

I hear you, but it’s not that kind of revelation.

God’s design for two becoming one is paved on a sacrificial road that He forged Himself. He took a position of surrendering His own rights, embracing the brokenness of our lives, and closing the distance between us.

Not only does He do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, but He leads us into that same miraculous grace in our relationships with each other.

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There’s hope for a new beginning and a lifetime of love. This could be where it starts for you.

[Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash]