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Watch/listen to a series about relationships

Better together part 1 - oneness

Marriage doesn't have to drift into dull, detached, and deprived. God has a design for marriage that causes both individuals to become better together. Listen in and learn how to take steps towards oneness in your relationship.

Better Together Part 2 - The dividers

In this message, Pastor Danny talks about some of the enemies to oneness and unity in marriage.  This challenging message will leave you with hope for a stronger marriage through the grace of Christ.  Listen in and enjoy! 

better together part 3 - Rockets Robots & Chia Pets

Pastor Carey Robinson from The Movement Church in Orange Country is with us! In this message, he reminds us that no matter what we're feeling about our relationships, there is always hope! Listen and be encouraged!

Better Together Part 4 - We Need Each Other

In this message, both Danny and Jamie speak to the unique strengths that men and women bring to a marriage, a home and a community.  Our differences actually make us better together when we understand and appreciate them in each other.   You're going to love this tag-team message.