Paper Hearts

What Heals Your Heart (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In the first message of our Paper Hearts series, Pastor Danny unpacks why we experience heartache and points to the solution to our pain. Listen in and be encouraged or share this one with a friend!

 Where Does Your Heart Find Identity? (Pastor Jamie Schulz)

Your identity is what makes you who you are. So many times we find the source of that identity in everything but God. Listen in to understand the plan God has for your heart and where it should find it’s identity.

Power of Words (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny explores the power of our words to affect the hearts of those we love. There is creative power that God has placed within us and it comes out through the words we use. This message is challenging and inspiring. Listen in and be encouraged.

Hearts in Conflict

In this message, Pastor Danny helps us navigate now of the most uncomfortable aspects of any important relationship – Conflict. All of us have it and we can all get better at handling it. This message will be helpful in many different parts of your life.

 Love That Lasts

God designed us for lasting heart connections with other people but many of us have experienced the opposite. In this message, Pastor Jamie helps us understand our role in making love last and how rejection doesn’t determine our worth.