Stand Out 

Pastor Danny begins our Stand series by encouraging us to stand out in a world that’s always trying to get you to conform. This message will inspire you to never levels of boldness for Christ.

Stand Up! 

In this message, we learn from the life of Daniel how to stand up for what is right in the right way. There are moments where the loving thing to do is speak up and help people get on the right path. This takes courage, but the long term rewards are significant. We pray this message encourages you.

Stand Strong 

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to take a stand? This message will help you to stand strong against opposition. Pastor Jamie talks about three things to remember when you take a stand for the good plans God has for you.

 Stand In

In this message, Pastor Danny encourages us to stand in faith even when it’s difficult to see what God is up to. We pray this will bring hope to your soul. God bless!