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Join us for a series were we talk about giving God the rightful place in our lives through worship.

No Rival Part 1 - Yours is the Kingdom

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on the power of praise to keep us focused on Kingdom priorities.  This is a great message to help you launch into 2019 with great momentum.  Listen in and be inspired! 

No Rival Part 2 - Yours is the Power

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on the allowing God's power to be active in our lives.  Worship is a key to amazing things in our lives.  Listen in and be inspired.  

No Rival Part 3 - Yours is the Glory

In this message, Pastor Danny wraps up our series by exploring the concept of a life that brings glory to God. This is something we sing about and pray about in church...but what does it really mean?  We think the answer will challenge and inspire you.  Listen in and enjoy!