Current Message Series

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Dangerous Prayers

Join us for a series that will help you boldly approach God in prayer and become dangerous to the plans of the enemy.

Dangerous Prayers Part 1 - Search Me

In this message, Pastor Danny leads us to pray the first of our dangerous prayers : Lord, search me. God wants us draw us closer to Himself and He uses the transforming power of this type of prayer to do that. If you've been wanting to get closer to God, this message is for you. Enjoy!

Dangerous Prayers Part 2 - Teach Me

In this sermon, Pastor Jamie looks at a dangerous prayer of King David to help navigate a complicated situation. As we learn to approach God with confidence and humility, He fights our battles for us.

Dangerous Prayers part 3 - Lord, break me

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on a difficult and dangerous prayer, Lord, Break Me. This isn't a prayer that's common or particularly fun to prayer. But it can be extremely powerful. This message will be meaningful and helpful for you. God bless you as you listen!

Dangerous Prayers Part 4 - lord, Send Me

In this message Pastor Danny leads us into a prayer of availability. Something happens when you open yourself up to anything the Lord wants to do in your life. As you make yourself available, God's power will be demonstrated in incredible ways. Listen in and be inspired.