Life, Money, Hope

Beyond the Numbers (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny begins off our Life Money Hope series by looking at how to get beyond the natural principles of earning, spending and saving. As believers, there’s more to our financial life than just the formulas. This message will encourage you in your faith and inspire hope for a life this is fully satisfying. Listen in and be encouraged.


The Way Out (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny helps us see that there is hope in even the darkest situations and emphasizes that God has provided a way out of any mess we find ourselves in. It takes humility and a plan of action, but our God is near to those who are struggling and able to move in powerful ways when we call out to Him. This is a message of hope in the midst of any struggle that we pray is helpful in your life.

Intentional Generosity (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message Pastor Danny shares on the importance of being generous and lays out the opportunities that we have before us in this important season. God says that we should give thoughtfully and with purpose and that our reward will be great if we do. You’ll love this timely message. Listen and be encouraged.

The Principles Behind Tithing (Chris Spedick)

In the final message of our Life Money Hope series, Chris Spedick gives us the principles behind tithing and helps us get to God’s heart for our giving. If you’ve struggled with intentional regular giving, this message is a huge encouragement. Listen in and enjoy!