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Light It Up

A single light can transform a dark, cold room. Imagine what the multiplication of that light could produce.

Join us for a series about being the difference we want to see in the world.


Light It Up 1 - He's the Light, We're the Light

In this message, Pastor Danny shows us how God is light and what that means for our lives and our city.  If we embrace our identity as the light of the world, we'll honor God and fulfill our purpose.  Listen and be encouraged. 

Light It Up 2 - Get Brighter!

In this message, Pastor Danny challenges us to get brighter in the midst of a dark world.  This all comes down to investing in people and seeing the light of God in others get brighter.  This message will inspire you to grow and take next steps in your walk with God.  God bless! 

light it up 3 - preparing to light it up

In this message, Pastor Marc Estes encourages us to be a light to all those around us. God has placed us where we are with specific purpose, to be a light. Listen in and be encouraged to light up your world!

Light it up 4 - guarding the light

Jesus gave us the role of being light in the world and, along with it, some instructions on how to maintain that light. Join us as we look at seven lessons about shining brightly.