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Join us for a series where we discus how to cut through the noise of life and learn how to listen for God's voice.


Frequency 1 - The god who speaks

Have you ever wondered if God still speaks today? And if He does, how to know what He's saying? In this message, Pastor Jamie helps us understand our relationship with the God who speaks and how we can grow in our ability to hear His voice.

Frequency Part 2 - Tuning In to Hear Him

In this message, Pastor Danny talks about how to cut through the noise of life and tune in to hear from God who is always speaking.  This message will be encouraging to you if you feel like you've struggled to hear the voice of God. Enjoy! 

Frequency 3 - The Whispers of God

In this message, Pastor Danny explores WHY God speaks to us and then HOW God speaks to us.  If you have struggled with hearing from God, this message will be inspiring and helpful.  It's all about relationship with Jesus.  Listen in and enjoy! 

Frequency 4 - Recognizing God's Voice

In this message, Pastor Danny finishes our Frequency series by teaching on the 4 tests we can use to discern whether or not we are hearing from God.  This message is practical and necessary for every believer.  Listen and enjoy!