Simple Christmas


Simple Instead of Stress 

Pastor Danny kicks off our Simple Christmas series with a message on how to simplify your holiday routine in order to cut down on stress and focus more on what really matters.  This message dives into the purpose of Christmas and lays a great foundation for the weeks to come.

Generosity Over Greed (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny takes a look at one of the biggest stress points at Christmas – our money.  What would our holidays look like if they were marked more by giving than receiving? Listen in to find out!

Hope Over Hurt

Often times, the most beautiful time of the year serves as a reminder of the disappointment, loss, or struggle in our lives. Pastor Jamie talks about how we can set the stage for hope in our lives and experience Jesus in the midst of our pain.

 Wonder Over Worry (Pastor Danny Schulz)

Pastor Danny wraps up our Simple Christmas series by drawing our attention to the wonder of Christ coming to earth. If you are worried or experiencing anxiety in your life, this message will be a breath of fresh air. God bless!