Come Alive

Why Am I Alive?

In this message Pastor Danny answers the question that so many are wondering – Why am I alive? God has created us all with a purpose and when we discover it, life because more real and fulfilling than we could have ever imagined. Listen in and be encouraged.

Come Alive to Relationship 

In this message, Pastor Danny starts to unpack how we can live for the glory of God. Our lives being full of God’s glory starts with our personal relationship with Him. If this is vibrant and strong, we’ll shine like the of the world we are meant to be. Listen in and enjoy!

The Family Resemblance (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In Part 3 of this series Pastor Danny continues to unpack what it looks like to live for the glory of God. When we live our lives with the character of Christ, God’s nature is put on display and we fulfill our purpose. You’ll love this message that’s helpful and inspiring.

The Family Business

In this message, Pastor Danny continues to unpack what it means to live the abundant life that Jesus promised us. God invites us to join Him in establishing His kingdom on the earth. This has very practical out-workings in our lives and brings meaning to the mundane. Listen in and be encouraged!

Lots of KidS

In this message, Pastor Danny uncovers God the Father’s heart for having lots of offspring. He wasn’t satisfied with just Jesus… He wants a big family with lots of kids. Our call to multiply and make disciples is clear and is key to the abundant life that Christ came to give us. Listen in and be encouraged.

The Bride of Christ

The church is referred to as the Bride of Christ throughout Scripture. In this message we learn about why this is the highest honor God could invite us into and what this role looks like in our everyday lives.

Living For God's Glory Today

In this message we discuss what it means live a life that glorifies God in all that we do. From working out at the Gym, to putting dinner on the table, and even eating at Sushi restaurants, we discover that are always opportunities to glorify God.