Batman And Robin

Where Is Your Robin? (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny show how greatness is found in focusing on making others great. You are going to love this fun message with plenty of Batman references for the comic nerds among us!


What Makes a Relationship Influential?

Not all relationships help produces greatness. How do you recognize the relationships you need? What characteristics will help you be a positive influence to someone else? Pastor Jamie talks about the three things we need for influential relationships in this second message of our Batman and Robin series.

Do You See What I See?

In this message, Pastor David Perkins shares how influential his father was in becoming the leader he is today. Everyone has the ability to call out greatness that God sees if we listen for His voice and gain his perspective. You’re going to be encouraged and inspired.

Multiplication (Pastor Danny Schulz)

As we conclude this series, Pastor Danny challenges us to consider what makes someone spiritually healthy and ready to invest in another person. This message will challenge you and stir you to new levels.