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It is Written

We're starting out the new year will with a look at the Bible, why it's important to our lives, and how we can get the most of it. Join us for this series that will help you understand the Bible at a new level and help you develop the practice of reading it for yourself.

part 1 - A Life Built on god's word

In this message, Pastor Danny shares on the importance of the Word of God in our lives.  This message is inspiring and full of practical wisdom the is critically important for growth and spiritual momentum in every person's life.  Listen in and enjoy! 

Part 2 - Understanding the Bible

In this message, Pastor Danny shows us how the Bible is laid out and touches on the main theme women throughout its story.  The better we understand scripture, the more we'll enjoy reading it and applying it to our lives.  We pray this message will be helpful and inspiring.  

It Is Written 3 - Why the Bible Can Be Trusted

In this message Pastor Danny walks through reasons why we can trust the Bible as God's Word to us.  This message will give you some helpful thoughts as you engage with a culture in desperate need of the love of God. 

It Is Written part 4- Holding Onto God's Word

We wrap up this series with a message about holding onto God's Word and using it as a weapon in your life. Have a listen and be encouraged to take your relationship with the Bible to a deeper level.