We all worship something or someone. This series helps redirect our heart, soul, mind, and strength to worship God.

What God Really Wants (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny kicks off our series on worship by focusing on what God is looking for from us. This message helps us identify areas in our lives that are out of order and keeping us from experiencing all that God has for us. We think you are going to really enjoy this one. God bless!


Made to Worship (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this message, Pastor Danny helps us understand that we were all created to worship and how that impacts our relationship to the Lord. This idea will shape your thinking on music, worship and your relationship with God. Listen in and enjoy!

 Worship God’s Way (pastor danny schulz) 

In this message, Pastor Danny guides us through the book of Psalms and helps us see God’s desire for praise from His people. This message will shape how you approach God and will assist in developing a closer relationship with Him. Enjoy and God bless!

 One Thing (Pastor Jamie Schulz)

As we wrap up our Closer series, Pastor Jamie looks at King David as a model for how to cultivate a lifestyle of worship. Learn how to focus on the one thing that matters most and experience the victory, joy, and favor God wants for your life. We’re praying and believing for God to do incredible things in your heart and mind as you draw closer to Him!