The Happiness Project

All of us want to experience happiness but it often eludes us. This sermon series takes a look at what the Bible has to say about getting the most out of life.

Peace with God and Man  

In this message, Pastor Danny opens our series on happiness by focusing on our relationships. Happiness comes when we have right relationships and peace is the result. We believe this message is really going to help you. God bless and we’ll see you again soon!


Happiness in Contentment 

Have you ever found that sometimes happiness can be hard to find? Listen in as Pastor Craig Brown from Heart of the City Church encourages us to search for happiness inside a world contentment.

 Joy, Inc.

Joy is a key spiritual fruit and gift. Listen in as Pastor Steve explores its value and benefits within the context of Nehemiah’s restoration of Jerusalem, its people and its spiritual significance. Incorporating JOY should be a goal of every believer as we grow closer to God in our lives.