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The Vow

Join us as we explore God's plan for your marriage and four vows that have the potential to transform the way you relate to each other.

This series starts Sunday, February 4th, 2018.

The Vow part 1 - The Vow of priority

In this message, Pastor Danny helps us focus on the priorities that create a healthy foundation for marriage.  It's all about finding the One...and then the Two.  We think whether you are single or married, you are going to love this message and find it helpful for your life.  Listen in and enjoy.  

The vow Part 2 - the vow of pursuit

In this second message of the series, Pastor Jamie looks at the Vow of Pursuit and how it can transform the dynamic of a marriage relationship. Listen in and be encouraged to keep pressing forward into all the God has for your life.

The Vow - Part 3 - The Vow of Partnership

In this message, Pastor Jon Jon Wilkins takes us through the Vow of Partnership. God has given us a great gift in our spouse, and working together in life can strengthen our marriages. Listen and be blessed!

The Vow - Part 4 - The Vow of Purity


In this message, Pastor Danny finishes our series with an emphasis on purity in marriage.  Secrecy is the enemy of intimacy.  If we want God's best for our marriages, it will need to start with honesty and openness.  This message is challenging and inspiring.  Listen in and enjoy!