All Things New

All Things New - Part 1

During our very first service of Sun City Church Danny teaches about how any day can be a new beginning when you encounter the God of New Beginnings.

all things new - part 2

In the second message of the All Things New series, Danny teaches about a new identity in Christ. Who you are today doesn’t have to determine who you will be tomorrow, by the grace of God.

All Things new - part 3

Our third message in the series is about the New Hope we find in Christ. Danny talks about how hope is anchored to our perception of what is possible. And with Christ, all things are possible.

All Things New - Part 4

In our final message of the All Things New series, Danny casts vision for the new community we are called to be part of. The greatest advertisement for God in Spokane is the love we have for each other. Have a listen!