This is Us

God has done an incredible work in bringing two churches together to merge into one. As we start on this new journey together, we take a look at the core values of Sun City Church and what makes us who we are.

Who is Sun City Church?

In this series, Pastor Danny begins to answer the question, “Who is Sun City Church?” This is a compelling message filled with vision for where the Lord is taking our church as we move forward boldly into the future. Listen in and enjoy!

 Outward Focus

One of the biggest temptations we face in a church community it letting things become about us. This week, Pastor Jamie talks about our value of Outward Focus and why it is part of the fingerprint of Sun City Church. It is going to encourage you on your journey of finding purpose and becoming part of the story God is writing.


In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on our core value of generosity and the keys to becoming a generous church that is a blessing to our city. We know this message holds insights that will be a blessing in your life. Listen in and be encouraged!


In this message Pastor Danny unpacks our value of Thoughtfulness and how it plays out in our every day lives as believers and as a church. This value is one of the distinct marks of Sun City Church and we know this will be helpful for your life. God bless and we’ll see you soon.


In this message, Pastor Danny preaches on our value of teamwork. Understanding that God has called us all to a vital role in the Body of Christ is one of the most important and life transforming ideas you can embrace. You are sure to enjoy this one. Listen in and be encouraged.


In this final message of our This Is Us Series, Pastor Danny teaches on our value of People. In all areas of life, people are what we value and live for. God gave His life for them and we give our lives to serve them. You are going to love this message and we pray it helps you!