Sound of Heaven.jpg

Sound Of Heaven

When Heaven Comes to Earth 

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on the Sound of Heaven and the power that worship has in creating environments where God moves powerfully in our lives. Whether you consider yourself a “worship person” or not, you are going to love this message.

 How Does God Like His Eggs? 

In this message, Pastor Danny unpacks the idea that God has a specific design for our worship. We may have preferences as to our style or the music we like. But ultimately, our worship is for God and we’ve got to bring Him the worship He enjoys most. This inspiring word will be helpful and challenging. Enjoy!

New Sound On The Earth

In this message, we celebrate Christmas Eve by talking about the day a New Sound came from Heaven to Earth: The Word of God, Jesus the Messiah. You’ll love this Christmas message. Share it with a friend as they head into 2017!

He's The God of The New

In this message, Pastor Danny shares about God’s affinity for “The New”. This short encouragement will inspire you as you begin 2017 with momentum and faith.