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Making Room

Room for Prayer

The danger of living a “crowded life” is that the urgent often robs us from the important. Listen in as Pastor Danny talks about making room for what matter most in life.

Room for Generosity

Listen in as Pastor Danny talks about making room in our finances. Learn how to leave the crowded life behind and make room for significance.

Room to Serve (Pastor Danny Schulz)

God wants something FOR us, not something FROM us. That’s the premise of this message by Pastor Danny on why we should make room for serving in our lives. Have a listen and be inspired!

Room for People

Jesus always seemed to make time for people. This week, Pastor Jamie talks about what it looks like to follow in His footsteps and make room for people in our lives.

 Room for Relationships (Pastor Danny Schulz)

We have been designed for relationships. In this message, Pastor Danny casts vision for why we need to make room for relationships and the importance they play in our lives.