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The Problem of God 

Join us for a new sermon series that explores some of the biggest questions about God. 


The Problem of god 1 - The existence of God

In this message, Pastor Danny addresses a huge challenge with do we know if He exists?  Is there any evidence to support that belief? Whether you are a skeptic or a believer this message is going to be helpful for you.  Enjoy!

The Problem of god 2 - The problem of science

In this message, Pastor Jamie looks at the relationship between science and faith. Are they really opposed to each other or is there something we’re missing in the conversation? Listen in and find out!

The problem of god 3 - the problem of evil and suffering

In this message, Pastor Brian Becker from Hope City Church in Portland Oregon, tells us why, in a world of evil and suffering, we can only find hope and life in the incredible love of God. Listen and enjoy!

The Problem of God 4 - The Problem of Sex

In this message, Pastor Danny looks at one of people's biggest challenges that some have with Christianity - sex.  There's more to sex than just an appetite or desire.  It's powerful and plays a huge role in our culture.  This message is powerful and helpful.  Listen in and enjoy!

Problem of God - Part 5 - The Problem of Exclusivity

In this message, Pastor Danny deals with the Problem of Jesus' exclusive claim to be the only way to God and eternal life.  This controversial statement is offensive to many people and has given rise to an alternative view that "all roads lead to God".  Listen in and be challenged and inspired.