I Promise

Promise Maker, Promise Keeper

In this first message of the series, Danny talks about what a promise is, how God makes and keeps His promises to us, and how we can grab hold of those promises with both hands.

Christ, Our Passover Lamb

In this second message of the series, Danny teaches about how Jesus needs to be in the midst of the promises of God to us. Have a listen!

God's Promise of Salvation

We continue to learn about the promises of God and how to grab hold of them with both hands in this third message of the I PROMISE series. Listen in as Pastor Danny talks about the Promise of Salvation.

God's Promise of Freedom

We take a look at God’s promise for freedom inside of this message. Have a listen and be inspired and encouraged on your journey of becoming who God has called you to be.

God's Promise of Redemption

Danny teaches about God’s Promise for Redemption in this powerful message about how it is never too late to pursue God’s purpose for your life.

God's Promise of Fulfillment

Danny wraps up the final message of the I Promise series with a look at where ultimate fulfillment comes from. It is an inspiring and challenging reminder to not do life alone.