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It's Complicated

Relationships can be complicated and stressful. 

Join us as for a sermon series that explores what the Bible has to say about dealing with difficult people and building healthier relationships.


It's complicated - Negative nancy

Do have that person in your life that is just always negative? No matter the circumstance, he/she finds a way to find a way to be a downer? In this message, we'll talk about how to deal with the 'Negative Nancys' in our lives. Listen, and enjoy!

It's Complicated Part 2 - Vinny the Vampire

In this message, Pastor Danny gives us some keys to dealing with people who can suck the life out of you.  This message is fun, challenging and helpful.  Listen in and enjoy! 

it's complicated Part 3 - Angry Andy

In this message, Pastor Matt Molt helps us deal with anger coming our way through difficult people.  We all have to face this challenge and we think this message is going to be helpful and encouraging for you.  God bless!

It's Complicated Part 4 - Controlling Cathy

We wrap up this series on relationships by talking about the fight for control. Listen in as Pastor Jamie helps us understand where this conflict originated and how we can move our relationships in a healthier direction.