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Join us for a series that explores the book of Galatians and how to walk in freedom everyday of your life.


Galatians 1 - Living in the Tree of Life

In this message, Pastor kicks off our series on the Book of Galatians by teaching us how to live in the true gospel and the Freedom the Christ purchased for us.

Galatians 2 - Living the Crucified Life

In Galatians chapter 2, Paul said that he has been crucified with Christ, and that it is no longer he who lives, but Christ in him, and in this message, we look at how we can live a crucified life, and have fun while doing it!

Galatians 3 - Living in grace

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches from Galatians 3 on the importance of receiving and living in the grace of God.  This message is central to the gospel and will powerfully transform your life.  Listen and be inspired! 

Galatians 4- A Slave vs a Son

What you believe about God dictates the way you relate to Him. In this message, Pastor Jamie talks about the key differences between a slave and a son and the power that distinction has in shaping our identity.

Galatians 5 - Fight for your Freedom!

In this message, Pastor Doug Sherman from Grace Harvest Church in Moses Lake, WA reminds us that we have to fight for the freedom that is found in Christ. He encourages us never let go of our freedom, and not to let religion take it. Listen in and be encouraged!

Galatians 6 - Living to Make a difference

In the final message of our Galatians Series, Pastor Rhett Barden from One Life Church in Nampa, ID, reminds us that the freedom that is offered by Jesus is not based on what we do, but who He is. Pastor Rhett also reminds us that we can take the freedom we have found in Jesus into our spheres of influence.