Current Message Series

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Fire in my soul

Join us for a series where we’ve asked our speakers to fire off on the subjects that they are most passionate about. You don’t want to miss it!

Fire in my soul Part 1 - When God speaks

God is always speaking to us, but sometimes it's hard to tune in and hear what he's saying. In this message, Pastor Jonathan Wilkins from City Life Church in San Francisco helps us understand how to hear the voice of God, then, what do once we have. Listen in and be encouraged!

Fire in my Soul Part 2 - Power of Multiplication

In this message - Pastor Danny explores God's call upon his people to not only grow, but multiply.  This principle has powerful implications for our personal lives, our families and our communities.  Listen in and enjoy! 

Fire in my soul part 3 - Power IN Potential

We often come up with excuses as to why God can't use us to make a difference but in this message, Pastor Jamie shows us how God's power cancels all of them out.

Fire in my soul part 4 - Peacemakers

In this message, Pastor Marc Estes from Mannahouse Church in Portland Oregon, shares the fire in his soul, which is all about Jesus's call to be peacekeepers. We aren't called to be just have peace, but to make peace. God bless you as you listen!

**Bonus Episode** Fire in my soul - Pastor dino rizzo

In this message, Pastor Dino Rizzo from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham Alabama joined us to share the fire in his soul, which was all about enthusiasm. We really hope this bonus episode is a blessing to you!