The Circle Maker


 Shameless Audacity

In this message Pastor Danny gives an introduction to our Circle Maker series and invites us to prepare for a season of prayer and fasting. Often times we’re nervous to pray bold prayers. God on the other hand is waiting for people to rise up with some big requests that will impact the world. Listen in and be inspired to seek Him like never before.

Praying Specifically

In part 2 of our Circle Maker series, Pastor Danny talks about praying specifically in order to recognize the places where God is hearing and answering our prayers. Join us as we kick off 2016 in a season of prayer and seeking God!

Keep Praying

Ever struggled with disappointment that God didn’t answer you prayers like you were hoping? In this message, Pastor Jamie gives us 3 reasons to keep praying. It will encourage and inspire you to place your trust in who God is.

Praying Daring Prayers 

For our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, we are joined by Pastor Marc Estes from City Bible Church. Pastor Marc challenges us to pray dangerous prayers that can change our lives and the lives around us. You aren’t going to want to miss this message!

The Ultimate Prayer (Pastor Danny Schulz)

In this final message of our series, Pastor Danny teaches on the Ultimate Prayer that Jesus prayed. This prayer has big implications for every one of us as we pursue God in 2016. Listen in and find out how!