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God of Miracles

Join us for a new sermon about how God is a the God of Miracles!

God of Miracles - Part 1 - The Point of Miracles

In this message, Pastor Danny looks at the idea of the miraculous and helps us discover the truth about God's miraculous power and His intentions behind performing miracles.  This is a message that could bring about incredible things in your life.  Listen and be inspired. 

god of miracles - Part 2 - Why You Should Ask for a Miracle

In this message, Pastor Jamie looks at some of the reasons we have a hard time believing in miracles. If you've ever struggled with skepticism or doubt, this message will encourage you in asking God to intervene in your story.

God of miracles - Part 3 - The Miracle of partnership

In this message, Pastor Danny teaches on the miracle of partnership.  God has chosen to work in this world through His people which means we are all candidates to be used by God to bring miracles into the lives of others.  We think you'll find this message helpful and inspiring.  Enjoy! 

God of miracles - Part 4 - The Miracle of New Life

In this message, Pastor Danny explores the miracle of life and the life that was brought to us all at Christmas.  This holiday message will surely bring needed hope and meaning into your life.  God bless you and Merry Christmas!